Wisconsin is Stronger Together

In 2022, voters across Wisconsin will come together to participate in one of the most consequential midterm elections in a generation. The outcome of this year’s races will have significant impacts on each of our daily lives. By turning out and voting on the values of equity and inclusion, we can get the childcare, housing, healthcare, and investment that the people of Wisconsin need to thrive.


When our voices get drowned out, the communities that are already struggling get left behind. But when we stand together and vote, we’re strong enough to bring resources that let us get ahead. This election cycle, your vote matters more than ever.

Make Your Voting Plan

The last day to vote in Wisconsin's primary election is August 9th and the 2022 general election is November 8th.  Make sure you are ready to cast your ballot by reviewing your voting options.


Register Online

to Vote


Find Polling Places

and Voting Dates


Register In Person

to Vote


Find Out What to

Bring to the Polls


Apply for a 

Mail in Ballot


Review What's

on your Ballot

Key Primary Election Dates for Voters

Review the following voter deadlines for the Wisconsin primary and make your voting plan today. Voter deadlines for the 2022 general election will be updated by mid August.

July 20

is the last day to register to vote online

August 4

is the last day to request a mail-in ballot 

August 9

is the primary election, early voting varies by location