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Wisconsin voters chose to preserve their rights and democracy during the Midterm elections.

Black-led coalitions engaged voters across the state in a critical election.

[Milwaukee, Wisconsin] - The election is over and the electorate has spoken. After months of conversations with friends, families, neighbors and the candidates themselves, the people of Wisconsin made their voices heard at the ballot box, and gave notice on the kind of communities they want to live in.

Building on the work from 2020, the Center for Racial and Gender Equity (CRGE) engaged with voters throughout the state during this election cycle. CRGE knocked on 41,098 doors, made 42,339 phone calls, sent out 14,775 text messages, and held in-person conversations with 13,775 people, listening to their concerns about what mattered to them most.

Governor Tony Evers’ victory speaks to the direction the people of Wisconsin want for their future. On Tuesday, voters showed up to protect their access to healthcare, affordable housing, and their right to vote. They understood that the governor’s seat was not the only issue at stake: they also wanted to protect their reproductive rights and our democracy–both of which are under attack from Republican extremists.

“I think Tuesday's elections were a success for democracy. Turnout was high for a midterm, nearly reaching numbers we saw in 2018,” said DeAngelo Bester, executive director of CRGE. “In Wisconsin, while we weren't able to capture the Senate seat and get rid of Ron Johnson, we were able to hold on to the Governor's seat and prevent the Republicans from getting a supermajority. No matter what happens with the last remaining House and Senate races, we're going to continue to fight to preserve and expand our democracy."

CRGE worked with partners and community members to build a multiracial coalition of voters to elect leaders who will address the issues our communities are facing. Our efforts paid off: despite attempts by Republicans to suppress the vote, Black and Latino voters turned out to send a message about what they want from elected leaders. The coalition is already planning its next steps for moving forward with progressive policies that put our communities first.

Though we did not get the results we hoped for in all races, we are proud to say that our message of resources and safety for all was heard loud and clear. Fighting for quality child care, resources for after school programs & activities and access to mental health services are the issues voters told us they cared about, and we believe these messages will resonate with voters moving forward.

We will continue to push for an agenda that wins resources that the people of Wisconsin deserve, as we fight to preserve the rights already won, and to protect a democracy under attack.

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