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Before heading to the polls, check out our Racial Justice Voter Guide!

To mark the first day of early voting in Chicago’s 2019 municipal elections, CRGE has released the Racial Justice Voter Guide. This report is designed to serve as an informational resource for voters committed to advancing safety, opportunity and liberation for people of color by electing candidates who reflect our communities, share our values and champion our self-interests. The Racial Justice Voter Guide outlines a complete list of the mayoral and aldermanic candidates that CRGE endorses and opposes in this election cycle. CRGE’s positions are determined by its membership and based on a racial justice analysis of key contenders’ public records and campaign platforms.

Chicago’s 2019 municipal elections offer a pivotal opportunity for voters to upend the dominant political power structures that have preserved the city’s systems of white supremacy and economic oppression for decades. A thriving movement of progressive grassroots activism has helped to amplify growing community outrage over a wide range of issues, including police brutality, neighborhood disinvestment, school closures, wage stagnation and government corruption. This wave of resistance has proved effective in destabilizing Chicago’s political establishment, as evidenced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s retracted bid for reelection and the vast field of competitive progressive challenges faced by rank-and-file aldermanic incumbents.

In the remaining weeks before election day, CRGE is escalating outreach efforts to ensure that voters who share our vision of universal equity, justice and liberation play a decisive role in the outcomes of these critical municipal races.Through door knocking, phone banks, texts and social media ads, CRGE will mobilize tens of thousand of voters to turn out on February 26th and determine the values and priorities of our city's future.

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