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A Threat to Chicago- Paul Vallas

Chicago can't allow another machine politician like Paul Vallas to be the next mayor. Paul Vallas’ extremist views and policies pose a real threat to the safety and overall well-being of Chicagoans. He has spent his career crippling public school districts in cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, Bridgeport Connecticut, and New Orleans. Vallas is supported by Chicago's Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), which counts known white supremacists among its ranks, as well as other extremist groups such as Awake IL, an anti-LGBTQ+ organization. Paul Vallas aligns with republican values, and opposes abortion, which is a risk that Chicagoans cannot afford while reproductive rights are under attack across the country. We MUST show up in large numbers on election day to ensure that Paul Vallas cannot commit more harm to Chicagoans. 

Make Your Voting Plan.

Chicago's 2023 mayoral runoff elections will be held April 4th. Early voting and vote-by-mail is available to voters across the city. Make sure you're ready to cast your ballot by reviewing your voting options.


Find Out if you are

Registered to Vote


Find Early Voting Locations and Dates


Register to Vote Online or In Person

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Find Your Election Day Voting Location


Apply for a 

Mail in Ballot


Review What's

on your Ballot

2023 Election Deadlines for Chicago Voters

Review the following voter deadlines for Chicago's runoff elections and make your voting plan today.


March 20

is the first day of early voting in every ward


March 30

is the last day to apply online for a mail-in ballot 


April 4

is election day - the last day to cast your vote

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