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Krystal Peters for Local District Council 
Member in the 7th District!

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Krystal has been a community organizer and Public Speaker in the Englewood Neighborhood. Krystal will work with the community to hold police systems and aldermen accountable and work to build coalitions and community.

Krystal Peters is committed to advancing racial justice and equity.

Krystal will advance...

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Police Accountability and Monitoring Police Conduct

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Implement restorative justice practices, resources, and programs to heal our communities

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Public safety

Screen Shot 2023-02-06 at 4.28.55 PM.png

Remove Barriers for formerly incarcerated folks

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Community Policing

Make Your Voting Plan

Chicago's 2023 municipal elections will be held February 28th. Early voting and vote-by-mail is available to voters across the city. Make sure you're ready to cast your ballot by reviewing your voting options.


Find Out if you are

Registered to Vote


Find Early Voting Locations and Dates


Register to Vote Online or In Person

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Find Your Election Day Voting Location


Apply for a 

Mail in Ballot


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2023 Election Deadlines for Chicago Voters

Review the following voter deadlines for Chicago's municipal election and make your voting plan today.

February 13

is the first day of early voting in every ward


February 23

is the last day to apply online for a mail-in ballot 


February 28

is election day - the last day to cast your vote

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